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Below is a full list of resources we covered at the end of the Social Marketing for Realtors Presentation.  Let us know if you have any questions or if you find this list valuable!


Canva has a great free option that allows you to design graphics, put text and overlays on pictures and make graphics for social media. I use this almost every day as many real estate agents do.

Adobe Spark
Affordable program for making videos for social media. I like the video section of the program but do not use the other features.

An awesome and affordable website that you can use to turn pictures of your listings into video. I highly recommend this to display upcoming listings and open houses and it doesn’t require video editing skills to make great videos.

Landing page software that can be used to showcase listings or promotions ads that allows you to attach a Facebook Pixel

Click Funnels
Same as Instapage above

Need almost anything marketing related? I use Fiverr to find freelance people to design flyers, logos, make whiteboard videos, etc. If you can dream it odds are Fiverr has someone who can do it faster, better and cheaper than you can do on your own.

I use this free site to shorten long web address into something very short.

Affordable software that lets you send emails that have video embedded. An excellent way to introduce yourself to a new prospect before you have a face to face.

I use this affordable software to schedule out my social media posts so I am not forced to post something to all my platforms every day. Hootsuite does the posting for me!

Same as Hootsuite just a different option

Do you need to find news or blog articles to post to social media? This is a free site that allows you to find just that. A great and easy way to curate content for Facebook or LinkedIn.

Active Campaign
The CRM that I use for prospects that also have email automation and text messaging automation. Using spreadsheets is so 1995.

Lapel Microphone
This is the lapel microphone I use for recording videos on my cell phone. It is on Amazon for only $12.98 and it works great. Oh, the web address for this was 2 lines long so I used (see above) to shorten it!

Cell Phone Stand for Videos
Link to Amazon – great little tripod for cell phones for recording video. Note, this is only about 12 – 18 inches tall so you will need to put it on a desk or counter.




















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